Goodwill Industries of Central Arizona was established in 1947. On March 19, 2009, they’ll be holding a Job Fair in Phoenix. If you miss this event, don’t worry because Goodwill Industries is committed to helping people with jobs and employment in your community, wherever you might live. This help can’t be provided without people like you, though. Whether you’re donating a box of old toys or that couch from your basement, as long as it is in good condition or repairable, Goodwill Industries will find a use for it. If you want to really go all out, you could consider donating your car. Goodwill Industries could really use more auto donations of used vehicles. Your car could really make a difference to somebody less fortunate than you. Once given to Goodwill Industries, your vehicle will be fixed up and sold at auction. The money raised will be used to fund one of Goodwill’s celebrated job training programs, or to find employment for someone. Usually, the vehicle will be sold to somebody in need of cheap, reliable transport. Without people like you donating cars and trucks, Goodwill Industries would be a lot less able to help people with this aspect of the work world. It seems like a small thing to a lot of us who take it for granted, but for some, reliable transportation could be the one thing missing from their attempts to be successful and self-sufficient. If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, donating your car to Goodwill Industries can be a first step down that road.