In 1923, in the basement of Temple Methodist Church, Reverend John L. Fort established Goodwill Industries of Kentucky. Over the years it has helped to change the lives of countless individuals and families and has helped to reshape the social situation of the entire state. As you would imagine it has seen many changes too, not least in the way that people make their donations. Back when Goodwill Industries was introduced to Kentucky, only the rich could afford motor cars so vehicle donation was unheard of. Goodwill Industries now has 55 donation centers in Kentucky and stores in 34 counties. The organization’s website boasts that 75% of residents in Kentucky live within 20 miles of a Goodwill store. Things like vehicle donations are used by Goodwill Industries (in Kentucky or anywhere else in the world) to help people who are making an effort to improve their life. These vehicles are often sold to families in need at a discounted price. Alternatively they are auctioned off in order to raise vital funding for the many projects managed by the charity. Whatever happens to your donated vehicle, however, you can rest assured that it will be used to benefit the life of somebody less fortunate than yourself. If there’s one thing you know to be true of Goodwill Industries it’s that they never pass up an opportunity to help somebody out. At their annual awards ceremony in February 2009, Roland R. Blahnik, president and CEO of the charity, said that he wanted to recognize the companies and individuals that have contributed to Goodwill’s ongoing success. He praised his fellow Kentuckians for their support in providing employment and training services across the state. If you’d like to donate a vehicle to a Goodwill Industries in another state or county, you will be interested to know about Charity Dispatch. Charity Dispatch can make sure that your donated vehicle goes to the Goodwill Industries of your choice, anywhere in the country. Even if you do not live in Kentucky, you can still make a donation to them in this way.