As a company van driver, you know the importance of keeping your vehicle on the road and the wheels turning. If your vehicle stops, your business stops. Forget your Fiat van service and you could let your customers down and spend days rearranging your work.

If you could avoid this, would you?

Well, just as regular maintenance of production machinery prevents breakdowns and prolongs life, regular van servicing helps keep your customers happy and extends the life of your key business asset – your van. Servicing doesn’t need to cost the earth. Now you can book a cheap van service online, so you’re no longer tied to the main dealer for your company van servicing. Take one minute to read this and I’ll show you an easier way for busy business people like you to arrange cheap van servicing from where you’re sitting right now, without interrupting your day…

Keeping Your Fuel Costs Down

Businesses have to budget for ever increasing fuel bills, so why burn more than you have to? Leading automobile bodies advise regular vehicle servicing to maintain engine efficiency. When the engine runs efficiently and is lubricated with good quality oil, you refuel less often. Consequently you spend less on fuel each month than if your van service was overdue. To maintain your van’s fuel economy, experts advise that you book your van service at regular intervals, according to the manufacturer’s schedule. Importantly, this means that, as part of the van service, the correct specification of engine oil is used. Your van servicing costs should include an oil change and a new oil filter too. Engine oil carries away contaminants that are collected by the oil filter. This keeps the engine oil clean, so your engine operates efficiently and without excessive wear to moving parts. Regular van servicing costs a little, but prevents expensive long term problems and can maintain a better fuel economy. Spark plugs are another essential engine component to consider replacing when booking your van service. Your van servicing costs should not change dramatically by having this done, but your fuel economy might well increase. Another simple way of maintaining fuel efficiency is to check tyre pressures regularly. Under-inflated tyres create more rolling resistance with the road and so use more fuel. National van servicing network Service A Van, will collect and deliver your van free of charge from home or work. Now you can have your van serviced virtually anywhere in the country during a driver’s rest day or when it’s least disruptive to your business. The cost saving on online van servicing can be up to 50 per cent, according to figures from Service A Van, meaning that any business could pay less to keep their business motoring.