A car isn’t just something you drive. Truly for most of us, our vehicle is an extension of our personality. So when you shop for your next vehicle, new or used, it is not just about gas mileage, resale value and horsepower, it’s also about projected image and personal taste.

What Your Car Says About You

We tend to purchase vehicles that fit with our view of ourselves. There are plenty of generalities, such as young men liking sports cars and Cadillac being for the older generation. Here we present some basics about what your car says about your personality.

Which One do You Drive?

Honda Civic - Those who choose to drive a civic are often underestimated, and smart enough to use that to their advantage. They value a simple existence, and make reliable friends. While they have a tendency to be a bit thrifty, will managed money will see them through a long, and content life. Toyota Prius - Fond of the environment, anyone who hums around in a Prius will have a green thumb and a firm appreciation of modern technology. A willingness to sacrifice quantity for quality, these drivers have great passion and an appreciation for new experiences. Toyota Camry - Those who choose the Camry have an affinity for multitasking, are fiercely loyal and tend to take a protective role over their friends. Camry drivers appreciate simplicity, like to feel safe and can always make a meal. VW Jetta - Anyone who buys a Jetta has a zest for life, enjoys a good argument and will accept most challenges, big or small. With a youthful spirit and a sharp mind, those who prefer this model tend to be optimists who remain active throughout their lives. Ford Mustang - Tough with a heart of gold, the driver of a Mustang has a surprising eye for style and a sensitive streak they keep well hidden. Traditional and bold, anyone who chooses to race around in a Mustang takes friendship seriously and keeps them separate from their business. BMW 5 Series - A flair for style defines the BMW 5 Series driver. Regardless of the situation, these drivers can keep their cool and make their mothers proud. With a strong personality and an eye for the newest trends the BMW driver is driven, enjoys the adaptation process and can change direction on the fly. Mercedes Benz C Class - A nose for news and current events is an important factor of those who drive the Benz C class. They possess the ability to talk a good game and generally follow through on their word. C Class owners believe you have to pay for quality and will do what it takes to attain their goals. Dodge Challenger - Always a good time, those who appreciate the Dodge Challenger know how to have fun. An appreciation for simple pleasures and a sharp wit allows them to practice tough love with successful results. A passion for loud music and a direct demeanor make these individuals the safest / scariest friend you have. Chevy 1500 Truck - Quick to chuckle, the Chevy truck driver is as tenacious as they are bold. The kind of friend who always has your back, these truck owners like their toys and know how to fix them. Generous and thoughtful, they’ll arrive with the best birthday present at the party. Jeep Wrangler - Characterized by an up for ‘anything, anytime’ attitude, the Jeep lover if often found outdoors. A need to feel the earth under their feet and the sunshine on their face, these drivers tend to be much more regimented than they appear. Jeep Wrangler drivers never forget a birthday and always send postcards.