The main question of the cars? owners whether it is necessary to wash engine or not. Let's find concrete arguments for and against washing the engine. It is necessary to wash the engine because: * Dirty engine tends to overheating. Dirtying of external surfaces and elements of any engine leads to worsening of heat emission and consequently to high probability of overheating. * Dirty engine falls out faster. Overheating of oil (for example because of dirtying of the oil tray) considerably lessens its sluggishness which leads to engine elements tear. Constant dirt on the feeler will certainly get into the oil tray and also be a reason for fast tear of engine elements. Dirt and dampness can easily disable electronic and electrical engine stuffing. * Dirty engine increases the fire risk. Oil spots, especially warmed-up ones, easily take fire. * Dirty engine is the enemy of wiring. Troubles of electrical equipment operation are the direct result of engine oiling. This increase not only the risk of falling out but also of wiring inflammation. * Dirty engine has a very poor health. It is very difficult to serve and control the work of such an engine (oil escape, for instance) and that is why you may not notice the oncoming engine breakage. * Dirty engine alienates. If you are going to sell your car you just have to wash its engine. If you love your car you?ll clean its engine bay at least once a year. Washing of the engine is also necessary as it is much more pleasant to serve a clean one. The men from service center will treat your engine very carefully if it is clean of course. It is dangerous to wash engine by your own if: * You have contemporary foreign car. The reason is simple: you can damage or spoilt the engine bay stuffing (mainly electronic) by chance. That?s why the self-service concerning the engine washing isn't welcome. The same concerns incompetent or unequipped car washing plant. * To wash your engine you use highly inflammable liquids (solvents, petrol, etc).to clean away the dirt. In this case the risk of inflammation during the washing and after it is very high. * To dry up you use open electrical heater, fire or you just smoke while washing the engine. * You wind the engine to remove the rest of cleanser or water completely. It this case you are taking risk to disable the electrical system. Nowadays every schoolboy knows how dangerous the wet wiring may be. How and with what to wash engine? We should admit the usual cleansers won?t do. In order not to damage the engine health you should use special liquids. Such liquids remove all kinds of dirtying very effectively. They are rather various but we can distinguish between two main types: particularized and universal. Universal are the fluid abstergents (shampoos) fit to remove all types of dirtying both from engine and body. Which shampoo is preferable depends on your taste, experience and knowledge. As we have already mention the use of ?anything available? – solvents, petrol which can easily catch fire is not recommended. If you have a burning desire to wash the engine yourself you?d better simply take liquid for washing dishes. But keep in mind deficient drying up is also very dangerous. Of course you can scrape the dirt off the engine by yourself, wash it with shampoo and then blow through with compressed air by means of compressor or vacuum cleaner. But instead of good results you may have bad consequences. You'd better resort to the help of car washing plant. Today they are available everywhere and offer a high quality for acceptable fee. The procedure won't take much time and the results will satisfy the most hypercritical clients. So the clean engine not only delights your eyes and helps you to sell the car. You should keep in mind that it is also a guarantee of your car?s health and consequently the health of your own.