Most of animals have no understanding in vehicles and in the world around them in general. That is why it is so important for any driver to know what to do in the event he or she has accidentally hit an animal.

How to Avoid Collision?

* When driving through the area full of wildlife you should drive slowly and very carefully. * Keep in mind that more than 90% of accidents happen in the dark as at this time you vision is limited. So drive especially carefully in late evening or at night. * Pay attention to warning signs. * Don’t forget to wear a seat-belt. * Switch on your high-beams ? they cause a reflection in the eyes of animals and this allows to notice them. * Don’t travel at times of high accidental rate if it is not really necessary. Remember that dark, early morning and periods when animals are moving to other grazing areas are particularly dangerous.

What to do with animals on the road?

* If you see an animal standing on your way, never beep or honk as sharp sudden sounds can frighten it. Instead of this you should wait until the animal leaves the road. This may take time as some animals move rather slowly.

If Animals Swerve into the Road

* You should immediately stop. Give the animal enough time to move off the road. * Never try to swerve straight away as this may scare the animal and it starts running just into running. This may also be dangerous for the drivers behind you. * Don’t forget that wild animals usually travel in groups. That’s why carefully investigate the road as other animals can be near.

What to Do if You Hit an Animal?

* Examine it to make sure that the animal is not injured or dead. * If the animal is small pull it to the roadside not to create dangerous situations for other drivers. * If the animal is large do not try to move it off the road. * You should not pick up the animal whatever its size. You can scare it and it can kick or bite you. * To keep the animal warm, cover it. You can calm the animal down cover its head. Feeding the animal is not advisable. * Stay with injured animal until the help arrives. * You should inform approaching cars of an accident. For this switch on hazards lights or emergency road flares. In some regions you have to inform the local law agencies (usually the police) about an accident. If you have found on the road hit animal, call to the police as soon as possible. They will remove the animal from the road.