What will you do if your vehicle breaks down? Here are some tips on what to do in this very unpleasant situation. To be avle to cope with breakdown easily we advise you to join some special breakdown organization. These provide 24 hour breakdown service every day of the year. And the servicing is quite affordable. You can also apply to police which will remove your car from the road and deliver it to the nearest garage for $80 plus an extra $3 per mile.

Breaking Down on the Motorway

The hard shoulder of the motorvay should be used purely for emergencies, but not as a toilet of a place to check the map. If you have serious problems with your car, do the following: 1. Pull on the shoulder keeping left as far as you can. Laook at your wheels – they shuold be turned to the left. 2. if possible stop at the emergency phone.. You can find them along the shoulder at a mile intervals. 3. You need to warn other drivers of the breakdown on the road. So don’t’t forget to turn your headlights. 4. In case you have to stop away from the the emergency phone, try to understand exactly where you are. You’ll be able to find reference numbers on all emergency phones. When you call to your breakdown company tell themthis number in order they can find you. 5. Connect with breakdown organization. 6. When calling the breakdown service, try to use emergency telephone instead of mobile one, as in this case the breakdown company will be able to gat to know where you are. 7. In order to avoid other vehicles on the road all the passengers should get out of the car from the left side of the car. 8. If you have reflective jackets, wear them. 9. Don’t let your passengers, especially children wander towards cars on the motorway. 10. It is very important that you wait for the servicing on the far vehicle side as far from the road as possible. In general keep away from the motorway but at the same time near yor vehicle.

If It is Impossible to Reach the Hard Shoulder

1. To warn other motorists turn on your hazard lights. 2. If you are not sure that it is safe for you to stau in the vehicle leave it immediately.

Tips for Disabled Drivers

1. Not to leave their car. 2. Switch on the hazard lights. 3. Call to the emergency service over the cell phone.If Breakdown Happened on Other Roads. 1. Not to be involved in an accident leave the road as soon as you can. 2. To warn other motorists turn on your hazard lights. 3. If there is a possibility of being hit by other vehicle leave the road and order other passengers to do the same. 4. If there is a warning triangle in your car, put if 45 metres behind the vehicle. However, when doing this you should be very careful. Don’t do this if it is dangerous. 5. If the weather is bed, turn on the sidelights. 6. Don’t stand near your vehicle next to the traffic. Always keep to the opposite side.