The G37 is a sports car by Infiniti which was first featured at the 2007 New York International Auto Show and is available now for sale as a 2008 model. The G37, like its predecessor, the G35 Coupe, is marketed simply as the G Coupe and represents a second generation of this model. The G37 is a great street coupe that is definitely comparable with BMW 335i (see our previous article, “Classy and Powerful BMW 3 Series Sports Coupe“) on the luxury side, but offers more features and technology. It also weighs more (3750 lb) and costs less (about $35,000) and represents a real delight for those who love both speed and comfort. This new model might be a bit inferior to its predecessor G35 as to its performance, but highly exceeds the standards of the previous model with its supple interior, superb comfort, quietness, and compliant ride. Also, G37S is equipped with an active rare steering, which makes it very stable in the slalom – a great car for autobahn! It seems like many of the minor defects of the first-generation G35 have been successfully solved in the Infiniti G37S, but the performance of the new car, unfortunately, is yet to work on. If to compare its performance with that of BMW 335i, even with its new stroked VQ 3.7-liter engine with Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) rated at 330 bhp, the G still cannot catch the pace of the turbocharged 335i.The Infiniti’s VQ V-6 runs strong and smooth, but not enough to match the BMW’s straight-line pace. Infiniti is reserving turbocharging technology for GT-R and trying to improve the performance of the G within the limits of VVEL technology. Due to an efficient rocker/links arrangement, the intake valves are controlled for lift and timing, which results in a better pumping and, thus, a better fuel mileage in the G model. The G37S’s interior has quite a futuristic and adventurous design with lots of comfortable features, like well-through-out touch screen interface and great adjustability of its sport seats with upper and lower side bolsters. Fine fit and finish and improved materials, including aluminium trim that resembles handmade Japanese Washi paper, raise the level of luxury of this coupe. Also, the new Infiniti G37S includes a premium package of a touch-screen navigation system, a 9.3-gig internal hard drive for CDs, auxiliary inputs for video and audio, an iPod dongle, and CF card reader. To sum up, the G37 is definitely a superior model that outshines its predecessor in many ways (except performance) and can successfully compete with BMW 335i.