Now there exist a great deal of auto parts and accessories to make you ride more comfortable and to personalize it. Why? The matter is in the fact that we spend too much time in our vehicles today so why not make them more attractive. So let’s start! I advise you not to try to save your money if you made up your mind to stuff your car with all the novelties. Your car should become a thing of pride for you and an object of desire for others. Let’s begin from the interior for several reasons: 1) I suppose you are a person who spends most of your time in your car, not out of it; 2) Usually interior accessories cost less than exterior; 3) properly chosen interior accessories can improve your driving skills. Don’t try to save your time while upgrading your vihicle as you spend there much time. Pay particular attentiom to creating you own colour scheme and if everithing ‘s done properly the results will be far more than satisfying. Among dash trims, you can choose carbon fiber, wood grain, aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl kits are comparatively cheap but they can really complement the esterior of your car if they match to its colour. If you can afford add to vinyl kits all the parts and materials mentioned above. They will create the unique image of your vihicle. Choose the one you like the best and which matches to the rest interior. Now look around. Everything has changed! You are driving a new fantastic car which slightly reminds your old one. Now let’s pay attention to some aluminium floor mats. They are very useful as protect your existing carpet. Glow off the floor mats with neon matching it to the rest interior and enjoy your vihicle each day. For all this, you will spend approximately $100.00. Now loook at your knobs and pedals. This also can be the upgrade oblect and you can choose one of many different styles. But remember they should be matched to your dash trim. Both pedals and shift knobs can be found for the same price. Your gauges also need modernization? That’s easy! Fortunately thry can change their colour scheme. Your car will be properly modificated only when you create and realise the concept which includes all the mats, pedals, knobs, cold air inside the car, glow gauges and interior accessories, wheels and tires and of course don’t forget about the electronic content of your vihicle.