Mercedes-Benz is a company that is growing really fast. Mercedes has managed to move into markets that it never used to compete in, and the company has even received a fair amount of criticism for losing focus on what its brand stood for. However, the new CL600 clearly demonstrates that Mercedes is still capable of building the world’s best luxury cars. The review, which was conducted by the British automotive publication Autocar, described Mercedes’ newest luxury coupe as “supremely comfortable, fast and able – and all in a subtle kind of way.” This large, expensive coupe (well over $100,000 mark) is sure to appeal to any enthusiast, as it offers 12-cylinder power and a sheer abundance of true Mercedes-Benz luxury – the combination of the highest style with super-car performance. The CL600 is very modern – well-proportioned, sleek, powerful-looking with bulging, muscular fenders, decorated with jewel-like details, and very aerodynamic in its shape. The Mercedes design team has created a slender nose and smooth roofline that makes the car look long and athletic – Mercedes-Benz CL600 draws your attention long after the first glance by its elegant hardtop-coupe shape. Just imagine its bevelled edges of the 18-inch wheels, the flash of chrome on the door handles, the complicated cut of the headlight reflectors, and designer shades that enhance the chic cut of its suit! With all of its superb luxury in design, the CL600 is a blisteringly fast car. It is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine of 5.5-liter displacement. Power output is 510 bhp, which is delivered to the rare wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission that can also be shifted manually by using the buttons on the back side of the steering-wheel spokes. The Mercedes under full throttle feels almost like a rocket, and there is a linear leap in speed that can be truly breathtaking (4.1 seconds from 0-60 mph). And what’s remarkable about the 600 is the way it delivers all that mighty power. Thanks to the smoothness of the V12, the silencing effect of the twin turbos, and lots of sound-deadening materials, this coupe remains unbelievably silent no matter how fast it is! The 5-speed transmission does all right, but can you imagine the fun of driving this car if it had the newer 7- and 8- speed automatics from Mercedes-Benz? Out on the open road, the CL600 gathers speed and covers ground in a comfortable flash, capable to reach 300 km/h. Ride quality is superb and the handling is very impressive for a large coupe. The seats are quite comfortable and can be heated or cooled, depending on the season. The rare seats, as with most coupes, are for occasional use only. The trunk is extremely spacious and will swallow all the baggage you need. The Mercedes Comand system with its numerous control buttons is utilizing the audio system (with the superb sound of the 6-CD Bose stereo that also can play DVDs), navigation, and a whole lot of other functions. All of this car’s electronic systems have buttons on the console, most of which you would probably never push. Behind the wheel of Mercedes-Benz CL600 you will definitely feel like the Lord of all Rings and will just want your trips go on for a long, long time… So, hurry up making your first billion and experience that there is truly nothing like driving this 600-series Mercedes!