When a person purchases a new vehicle, there are always optional features to choose from which can be added to a set of standard parts. They differ from one manufacturer to the other, but the customer should determine for him- or herself which accessories are necessary while others can be omitted. One of the major car buyer’s mistakes is being emotional in the showroom. Everything is shiny, beautiful, working well and feels like absolutely needed on the car, but dealers always try to sell as many options as they can because this increases their profits. It is always good to know about a variety of options offered by the manufacturer. An official website or company’s booklet usually gives full information on this. It is also useful to read some objective opinion from such sites as Edmunds.com which gives critical review to the vehicles as a whole and the parts and options offered by the automakers. However, the final decision should be done not in the showroom, but at home, after a serious talk with members of the family and after receiving all critical information a person could get. The final decision should be based on where, when and how the owner is going to use the car, but there are several must-haves we recommend for consideration. Car cover is a luxury that a few people decide to have. It is true that a rare car owner plans to keep the auto for many years unless is it a classic one, so there is not much thought given to the far away future of the vehicle. However, it is good to have a car cover and use it either in a garage or outside. The main purpose of the accessory is to protect car polish from little particles that might damage it and therefore protect the paint of the car body. When an auto is parked outside permanently, it is affected by pollen, dust, sun rays, rain, snow and other seasonal conditions. Garage does not fully protect the polish: there is still dust, indoor air smog, oil and many other things specific for each garage which have negative impact on the car exterior. Manufacturers offer a great variety of choices: from simplest ones, to advanced with multiple layers, breathable moisture resistant fabric and even with several-years warranty. Depending on the budget, a car owner can purchase one for $75 or go a few hundred dollars higher. Car bra is another protective feature. Although for many auto owners a car bra is a matter of style, in fact, it does more than that. It protects grille and front part of the hood from small particles of the road which might scratch it or put a dint in it. A car bra also keeps those parts clean from insects, mud, salt or any trash on the road. It is especially important to have a car bra if the vehicle goes on a lot of fast drives such as on interstates. It is hard to imagine an auto without a floor mat, but such things happen if the customer omits this point while purchasing the vehicle. Every new car has a paper sheet to protect the floor while it is at a dealership, but it is not always so that a floor mat is hidden under it. The necessity of this feature is absolutely understandable: floor mats protect the floor and the carpet from any possible mess: mud from shoes, food crumbs, spilled drinks are the most common things that mess up the floors. While floor mats can be taken out, washed, fixed or in worst case, replaced by new ones, it is very hard and expensive to replace the carpet if it got messed up. Cargo liners work the same way as floor mats, they protect the trunk area from any unwanted elements. People carry all kinds of cargo and it leaves trash, dirt, debris and hundreds of tiny particles. Lately the auto manufacturers provide cargo liners as a standard feature, but it will not hurt to ask whether the vehicle comes with the liners or not.