Neon light neither increases maximal speed nor adds rating. So let us see what neon light is. Neon light is sold in set.

Each set consists of two side lamps two lamps for light of front and back parts of a bottom all necessary additional instruments and instructions. Lamps can have built – in (internal) transformers as well as external transformers. Each neon tube is in firm housing which can cope with hard traffic conditions. User can install set himself. It is not great expenses ( one set costs 100 – 300$ on average.) and it is easy to install. Choosing the place is the most difficult thing here. Light of the bottom is not one way for using. Neon tubes have broad heat and colour range: red, pink, lilac, blue green, yellow, white. Tube’s length maybe 300 mm to 1660 mm.

Installation of neon light.

1) Tubes are held out with the help of clamps and screws.

2) Connect waves between tubes.

3) Install transformer (held out with a two screws under cowl).

4) Connect wires from neon tubes with transformer. Install switch in motorcar showroom. But some people do the next thing – when you start up the engine – the light switch on automatically. But on this case battery discharge quickly.

5) Connect wires of transformer with switch and link up with feed system of the car. By the way there are strict restrictions: you should install all the lamps from the set at once when you install light under a bottom. You can’t extend wires otherwise their luminescence will change. Wire’s voltage is 6000 so you can’t put one of the lamps in the solon boot. If after installation one of the lamp doesn’t work well it means that one of the lamp is damaged. To make sure you should look it and most likely you will see a damaged lamp. It happens because lamp was deformed. Of course the body of the lamp is strong but it is elastic and it can’t be bend a little. Internal part of the lamp may fall in. The main reason of this is wrong installation. Lamp must be held in four objects according to instruction. So it will be better. If an experienced electrician will install the appliance.