Washing car by your own can be very funny pastime, everything depends on the way one can organize it. Besides, it is real saving of money. The neglecting of the exterior appearance is vivid from the first sight. The tips written here aim to help you becoming a professional in the field of car washing. Everything demands attention: your relatives, your clothes, shoes, and the car is not an exception. Everything needs trainings: the more often you do something the better for you. The same with the car washing. Of course, weather conditions can set the safety of the driver and passengers on the first place, but when summer comes—why not cleaning and washing the car, having sparkling appearance. The best thing is to keep the trim, wheels, paint, and glass clean. Even if you have not done this for a long time, it is not late to start at the moment. We will not look through here the possibility to go to washing service; we do not have extra $70 or even $300. We will better spend them on something more useful and pleasant. What do we need for washing car? This is a constant water supply, some cloth of soft material, and a car wash soap of good quality. It is a not good to use the soap for washing up, as the soap for dishes has some harsh detergents that can damage paint or strip wax. The car soaps are aimed, on the contrary, to clean the car from the dust and grime, but not to scrip the surface. Fortunately, there is no lack in places where wash products are sold, shops of different kinds, even the on-line internet shops. And one more thing: if your car has some rare or original paint, which demands special care, it is better first check the manual of your car maintenance and follow the recommendations given there. It is advised to wash the car at least once a week, if taking into account that you have such polluting factors as tree sap mist orand bird dropping. If not taken away quickly, little parts can come deep into the car surface, in the little holes in the paint structure and even etch it. If possible, park the car in the place suitable for you. There should not be cold or very hot. Car pros recommend to start washing the vehicle with the top to the bottom direction, one section after another. The basic steps better to make are: 1. Make a general wash of the car with water to take away the general dirt 2. Wash the car from top to bottom 3. Clean the car cover gently, doing this in aggressive manner can lead to dirt coming deeper in the surface or you will have swirls and scratches on your car. 4. Use as much water as you can to get rid of the grime. After washing, it is recommended to dry it with the cloth towel or equal cloth.