With a short examination on the vehicle you can easily avoid futurw problems with repairing. It does not depend whether you are sophisticated in mechanics or not, you can notice many common vehicle problems just by using your natural senses of sight and smell. 1.Have an attentive look. If you have noticad some drops or strains of fluid under your vehicle, there might no problem. Maybe there will be enough just to detect wet spots. And in such a way you can predict some serious problems. 2. Observe the liquid colour under the car. The signs of the overheated engine or an atifreeze leak are green, orange or blue colour of the liquid. Sometimes this means a leaky radiator or a water pump need to be repaired. This problem should be solved as soon as possible. The symptom of leaking engine oil is a dark brown or even black oily fluid. A bad gasket or seal can be easily the cause of the leaking process. The repair of the problem may be excessive, so it would be better to find some respectable mecnaic immediately. Fluid leaking in power steering or a transmission will have a red looking spot. This is also one more reason to see you car ?health provider?. There are some cases when the liquid is clear, especially from your car’s air conditioner. In this point there no reason to warry about. 3. Use your nose. In case you have noticed a light smoke coming out from a wheel, nothing pleasant: this can be a stuck brake. It is recommended in such cases to call a tow truck. Smoke itself is the signal for repairing the parts of the vehicle from which the smoke comes. 4.Sniff around! Do this and you will have the master level for detecting the vehicle’s problems. The signal of the electric burning or short insulation is the smell. In any case do not take risk driving the car if you feel that something is wrong with it. The problem of tehg catalytic converter can be detected by the smell of a rotten egg. Asap reach the repair service. Burning oil is recognized because of a thick sharp smell.The offer is: look under the vehicle to make sure if there is a leak. The advice is to repair the car at once. If the odor is sweet, this may be the sign of coolant leak. Then, having noticed the stream emerging from under the hood, it is suggested to stop. I am sure you are not going to go on driving with an overheated vehicle. The car has a high persentage of being at risk. Would you risk your life and lives of the passengers you are responsible for? It is easy to follow the listed above guidelines, isn’t it? Just be attentive, use your eyes and nose and you will succeed in saving hundred of dollars on vehicle repair.