Van leasing is an amazing offer, when it comes to acquiring a van, either if it is for personal use or for company use. But if you are a business owner you should definitely think of choosing to lease your next van. The main reason you would want to do that, especially if you have a business, is because leasing is far better than normal buying. It costs you less and you could get your taxes and VET reclaimed, which in UK, are very expensive, and you would definitely choose to lease a van, rather than buying it. To have successful business, especially in the UK, you would want to lower your taxes and taxes rates as much as possible, so leasing out a van would be a great idea, because by leasing you can avoid paying taxes for it, which is one of the best advantages of van leasing. A great idea would be to search for the lowest prices, both for vans and for leasing company deals. You should also search for a company where taxes and VET are completely reclaimed, but finding such a company won’t be a problem, because 100% refunding of the taxes and VET, is far often met in leasing companies. So you have already leased a van and you are wondering how you can get the money you spend on VAT and tax back. Well in the UK, you could use the van for personal use, but it is far better to use it for business use, because the tax advantage will be taken not by a period of time, but at the end of every year and by the profits you have earned that year. If you are in the UK the cost would be just five hundred pounds for the revenue of using the van. A thing to look out for is if the VAT meets the requirements to be reclaimed. For example if the payload is less than 1000 KG you would not be able to get your money you gave on VAT back. That’s why it is a bit more complicated when it comes to vans with seats for more than three people. Next thing to look out for is you would be able to reclaim you Tax, because if you don’t meet the requirements for tax also, you would not be able to take it back. That’s why your van must not have glass in its rear part, because technically a van should not have. However this depends of where exactly in the UK you live. It is highly suggested that you go for an operational lease, in some occasions, because it is the only way you could have a guarantee that you will get money after the usage period is over. Moreover you have guaranteed value of the amount as well. That’s why you should search for the best leasing company, which meets your requirements the most.