It’s a beautiful summer day and it also happens to be a weekend, which leaves with a number of recreational options to entertain your self. Normally, the grind of past days of professional labour would tempt you to watch some goof films as a stress buster. But, the clear blue sky forces you to think otherwise and round up the guys in a jiffy for some real action in the form of surfing at the beach. Four friends rolling out towards the beach for some real fun so what’s missing here? It seems you forgot to do your homework and completely missed out on the most important tool to carry your surfboards. Big and bulky items like surfboards, bicycles, canoes and even skis cannot possibly be taken along in your vehicles if you don’t have a roof rack mounted on it. Although displaying the simplest of physical features in the form of bars acting as the perimeter of the space available to carry the load, these accessories have tremendous potential to offer a comfortable passage to users. To offer an enhanced accessibility to these accessories, the makers have created them in various sizes and designs to mount them on most kinds of vehicles. There are roof racks for small cars, medium cars, big cars, vans, SUVs and even buses. The apparent popularity of these accessories have made way for the introduction of a more specialised version of the luggage carrying equipments in the form of roof boxes. Roof boxes offer better safety and sophistication through an enclosure that may vary in size and design. Roof rack also serve their purpose for travellers who have to carry quite some luggage on their trip by offering enough space inside the car to make it a more comfortable journey. So, it turns out that roof racks are quite essential for quite a lot of reasons.