Published on : 02 September 20193 min reading time

There are many who are looking forward to retirement and would like to spend their time seeing the country from the inside of their home away from home. Most are also shocked at the average 5 or so mpg that RV’s get, and they end up with their dreams dashed. Well there are also some other factors that they aren’t aware of. There a few modifications that can be made to dramatically increase power and fuel economy of RV’s and Motorhomes.

The first upgrade that comes to mind is the performance chips or module. Most people aren’t aware that these are available for such big engines. Most of these chips and modules are available only for diesel motorhomes but there are also a select few for the gas versions. These performance modules and chips alter the fueling in many ways. They can increase timing which tells the engine to inject the fuel slightly sooner to improve the efficiency of the engine. They can also do what is called duration which tells the engine to hold the injector open longer, to add more fuel. The last way is called pressure which tells the engine to increase the pressure in the fuel lines slightly to put more pressure up against the fuel injector, this creates a finer mist when injecting into the cylinder and helps a higher percentage of the fuel to be burned. Most modules and chips use a combination of these methods to increase power and economy.

The only other modification that the average person would do to a Motorhome or RV to increase power and economy is an exhaust system. There aren’t really any companies that make full exhaust systems so to have one custom made can get a little expensive. The best alternative is the aero turbine muffler made by aero exhaust. This muffler has a straight through design free from the baffles and restrictions of the average muffler so the exhaust can flow more freely. The Aero Turbine Muffler also works similar to a jet engine due to its inner design. The Jet like insides speed up the exhaust as it flows through which dramatically increases performance and economy. The muffler comes in a resonated and non resonated version. They both are dyno tested to give the same results, the only difference is the sound. The non resonated version has a deeper throatier tone, the resonated version is closer to stock sound levels although it still has a deep throaty tone to it.