Published on : 29 August 20193 min reading time

Mercedes Benz may be one of the oldest car manufacturers but this does not mean that the company is not in tune with the current trends and latest innovations in automotive technology. On the contrary, the Mercedes is still very much in the game. Other than prestige and sales, the marque stays true to its reputation. In offering high-end and well-built luxury vehicles, the company remains to be an innovator and leader when it comes to vehicle safety and overall reliability courtesy of its high grade Mercedes parts and accessories.

There are a number of reasons why Mercedes continues to lead the industry’s league of high-end vehicles. For instance, the company invests on putting up an excellent team of designers and engineers to maintain above average reliability among their vehicles. Through the company’s continuous efforts to discovering and incorporating advanced driving safety features among its vehicles, it has earned worldwide recognitions for their vigilance in improving preventive driving safety measures.

In 1951, Mercedes is the first automobile manufacturer that conceptualized the use of safety cage or the safety cell on the front and the rear crumple zones of vehicles. It also pioneered the use of pre-tensioners on its seat belts, as seen on the 1981 S-Class. This seatbelt feature was designed to improve the restraining capacity of ordinary safety belts. The company also provided the technology behind the anti-lock brakes (ABS), the traction control and collision airbag car safety features. A more recent innovation that was introduced in the market is Mercedes’ 7-speed automatic transmission. This transmission feature is also called the 7G-TRONIC and was introduced in September 2003. Aside from today’s popular car safety features, Mercedes is also known for developing the technologies that focus on the stability control and brake assists of its new car model offerings.

In line with the company’s commitment to driving safety, the Mercedes parts that make up its assembly lines are selected for their performance and resilience to heat and pressure. The capacity of these car components to withstand the rigors of daily driving conditions greatly influences the effectiveness of Mercedes’ modern car safety features. Manufactured within high standards for auto-part specifications, every portion of Mercedes rides guarantees long-term reliability. The durability and performance delivered by these parts only show how dedicated Mercedes is when it comes to developing more effective driving safety car features. The craftsmanship of Mercedes parts simply validates the marque’s reputation being a forefront innovator as well as institution in the automobile sector.