When I tell people I have to sell my Lotus, I am met with a myriad of opinions; anything from people presuming I have to sell my Lotus because of the credit crunch to people asking if I’m bored with my Lotus…as if!!! They’ve obviously never driven one otherwise they would never suggest such an idea. I haven’t told anyone the real reason, mainly because as soon as the subject of my Lotus is brought up, I am bombarded with questions about what it is like to drive, how fast I have driven her etc, and then the conversation inevitably drifts onto Formula-1 racing. However, there is more to the Lotus brand than fast racy cars. As an owner of the Lotus Esprit for the last 5 years, I can stand in firm testimony to the fact that the Lotus is unique, and quite a few features are yet to be seen in other competitive brands. Easily spotted on the road, the Lotus Esprit is genuine proof of the company’s formidable reputation of its unceasing quest for engineering innovation. Powered by a V8 engine, the 2003 Model that I possess has revamped features as opposed to earlier models. The redesigned rear body panel, together with an aerodynamic uplift, puts the Esprit, in my opinion, way above other similar two seaters. As someone rightly said, the Esprit exterior has a ‘complex mix of sharp edges and subtle curves.’ What an appropriate one-line summary! The interior of the Esprit has to rank among the best. Together with conventional features such as air-conditioning and power windows, there are a host of other features that make an owner like me be assured of its comfort for all practical purposes. A remote keyless entry coupled with an anti-theft system is in place. There is a distinctive and seemingly deliberate aluminium theme on show all across the interior that endears it to one’s eyes. In all my years of owning the car, there has been little effort on my part for actually driving her. A fine steering system and an effortless but rapid acceleration in all five gears make driving her a pleasure. However, I now find myself only using her occasionally as I need a bigger car these days. So, I need to sell my Lotus, although I am rather hesitant as I feel as though I am losing part of my youth. But needs must. Anyway, I’m not the only one who has had to replace their cars to match their changing lifestyle. A couple of my friends have recently sold their prestigious cars, which is rather handy for me as they have already researched the best way to sell such top-end cars. Therefore I’m going to go down the same path as they did as I was very impressed with the results they had. All they did was contact a company on the internet that specialised in buying used prestigious cars. They filled in an online form giving some personnel details and some information about their car and in no time they were contacted with a very acceptable quote for their car. Once my friends had accepted the quote, the hand-over details were completed. One friend chose to have the sale of his car completed at his workplace and my other friend chose to have the sale of his car completed at his home. Both transactions were smooth and painless. I think this is an essential criteria for when I sell my Lotus. As I said, I am sad I have to sell my Lotus, but I feel confident that the selling process will be smooth, thanks to a company that specialises in selling prestigious cars.