After you buy a new car, you’ll probably be very happy and excited with your purchase. While the temptation can be great to simply enjoy yourself and your new car, there are still a number of small tasks that need to be seen to in order to increase the longevity of your car, maintain its value, and increase your basic comfort level with the car. After buying a new car, it is also very important that you get something that is known as “GAP Insurance.” A new car loses a good amount of value the second you drive it off the dealer and certain insurance issues can crop up. Assuming your car cost you 15,000 dollars, you may be only able to sell it for 12,000 dollars on the used car market. The amount your car can fetch on the used market is the “market value” of your car according to insurance companies. This means that if you were to wreck your car or otherwise need to make an insurance claim on it, you would only be able to receive 12,000 dollars instead of the full value you paid. GAP Insurance is designed to make up the difference between the price of your new car and its used market value. Without this insurance, you are risking a good deal of the value of your car. If your car suffers excess damage due to external influences or denting from hail, not only will its value plummet, but you may be stuck with hefty damage bills and insurance costs. Because of this, it is important that you purchase some kind of car covering. If you cannot permanently park your car in a garage, there are inexpensive covers that work to prevent your car from suffering weather damage. Even better, you can take your covering with you to protect your car while you are on vacation or parked while running errands. Think of purchasing a weather cover as an inexpensive form of insurance on your car. It just may save you a lot more money than your insurance ever will. Aesthetics are also important and one trick you can use to add to the personality of your new car, as well as maintain its value, is to buy floor mats. This may seem like a small addition, but spills and garbage can permanently stain your car, which will diminish its value. There are a number of other genuine car accessories that are worth looking into as well – these include alloy wheels, CD stackers, satellite navigation, pedal sets plus more. The more you put into your new car, the more you’ll get out of it in the long run.