Bentley is a car brand with a long history in the UK and a sheer popularity all over the world for its traditional elegance and great quality. The Bentley Continental GT, which was first released in 2003 replacing the previous Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and T, and unveiled at the Detroit auto show, is a grand tourer coupe that immediately won high praise for its stylish design. No wonder that this “Baby Bentley”, as it was nicknamed by the popular press, has become so popular among celebrities ever since! This coupe offers great proportions and is nicely sculptured in a muscular way, thus fitting with the original Bentley Continentals’ design of the 1950s. When you slide into the driver’s seat of the Bentley Continental GT, you find yourself in a wonderful world of untouched traditions, full of exquisite leather upholstery, aluminium fitments, and the beautiful wooden trim – a true essence of fine interior design. The seats seem to surround and grip the driver and passengers ever so comfortably, making them feel secure and cosy inside this car during even the sharpest turns. At the same time, Bentley Continental GT is an excellent-handling large coupe that follows your every command, and crushing the roads with it is a pure delight for the driver. To add to the comfort side, you can lower all four side windows and enjoy the fresh air without too much of wind buffeting and noise. An additional bonus of this coupe is the “throaty” sound of the engine exhaust note, as you modulate the throttle pedal with your right foot… The heart of the Bentley Continental GT is the smooth and powerful W-12-cylinder twin-turbo engine, which will ramp up to 60 mph in a very quick 4.3 seconds and speed through a quarter mile in 12.9 seconds at 108.5 mph. This awesome performance will make many drivers of “hot” popular cars clench their teeth as you are flashing past them on the road. This car would indeed be a great pick for those who respect both high performance and dynamic handling on top of exquisite design! The paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel are a comfortable option – you can choose between the 6-speed automatic transmission left in Drive, or a manual transmission, by shifting up and down with the paddles or by moving the gearshift level in the center console. The 2007 list price of the Bentley Continental GT is $169,900. This swift and fabulous 2-door car certainly sits apart in the world filled with look-alike cars at every turn. The Bentley Continental GT is an undiluted pleasure both to drive and to look at!