Are you thinking to get another car? A better car for the money? Want “that” car but is too expensive? Well, one the most important purchases people do make is to buy a car, and every six or seven years they go and get a newer one, so if you are in that position now, then you are looking for a cheap used car, a used car that will last without problems and a car that you would enjoy driving. If you really want to get a cheap used car at bargain price, the first thing to do is your homework. First, look at your local newspaper, see what they are asking for the car you like, second, check the Kelly Blue Book, and find the low and high price for the car. With all this in hand, go and find a deal you are looking for, Newspaper Classified Ads are a excellent place to find cars at well below retail prices. Also, Online Auctions and Public Car Auctions are a good place to look at. But I will tell you what is the best place to find what you are looking for with the price to make you happy: GOVERMENT AUCTIONS, because they are the best source for bargain vehicles, and that includes cars, boats, real estate and motorcycles. GOVERMENT AUCTIONS includes vehicles from DEA drug raid seizures, US Postal Service, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Resolution Trust Corporation, IRS, FBI, Customs, General Service and Department of Defense. Believe it or not, they do sell cars to ordinary people like you and me all day long, and deliver them every were in the country. I believe I can get a cheap used car going through the Government Auctions. Don’t waste any more time, and start looking for that car right now!!