When you think ‘White Van Man’ you probably think of a balding man, with a slight beer belly wearing a plaster-coated t-shirt and worn out denim jeans. This is the stereotypical view many of us have of the infamous white van man. They aren’t often held in high regard as we usually place them as the drivers that tailgate us along the motorway, cut us up on roundabouts and throw rude gestures our way. So – you may or may not be surprised to hear the following, Aviva recently carried out a large motoring survey and gathered some surprising results. This new research suggests that white van men are the ‘smartest’ ‘sexiest’ and most successful drivers on the road. Out of all the drivers who were questioned in the survey, they were the least likely to have a degree, but the most likely to read a book, be interested in politics and they are the least likely to watch reality TV. The majority of all the bikers who were surveyed said that they never read a book. The research also revealed that 50% of these drivers were most likely to own their own business, whereas 83% of sports car drivers work for somebody else – so they are an entrepreneurial lot! In addition to all this, van drivers actually believe that their van is an asset when talking to members of the opposite sex… So, has your opinion of the ‘white van man’ changed over the past decade or so, as they certainly believe it has. Was this representation ever actually true – or was it just a myth…are BMW drivers the new ‘white man van’?