The Koenigsegg car brand is still quite young. This project was officially launched in 1993. The creator of the brand was Christian von Koenigsegg, who had intentions to create true car of dream. The concept of the future machine was based on Formula One technology. Can it be surprising that Koenigsegg became one of the fastest streetcars in the world? Koenigsegg constructed its first prototype car in 1994, in only one and a half years after company establishing. The world-renowned drivers tested this model and were all amazed by its incredible performance. Among them were Picko Troberg, Calle Rosenblad and Rickard Rydell. As Picko said, the new car would be the king of the speed. In 1997, the company created Koenigsegg CC prototype. The car was shown at the Cannes film festival and had great success. The new star comes out to the automobile world. The silver production prototype CC received great attention at its presentation at the Paris Motor Show. Articles about it were published in most of world car magazines. The first custom Koenigsegg CC, named CC 8S, was assembled and handed over to its proud owner at the Geneva Motor Show in March. This red car was also tested by Koenigsegg test drivers on racetracks and roads, for further look and drivability refine. In 2003, the Koenigsegg vehicles set the Guinness World Record as most powerful streetcars. In the meantime company engineers were working on the improvement of CC. Some new ideas in design and look were implemented on the 2003 model CC 8S. The new Koenigsegg CCR was presented at Geneva Motor Show in March 2004. That splendid car had 806 horsepower and could achieve extremely high speed. In 2005 February, 28th the CCR broke the road car speed record, achieving a new official top speed of 388 (387.87) km/h at Italy’s Nardo Prototipo proving ground. Nowadays company creates new exotic cars. The CCXR prototype was presented at Geneva MotorShow 2007. This “green” car runs on biofuel and ha the powerful engine (1018 hp at 7200 rpm). That means that Koenigsegg CCXR will be even faster than the 1001-hp Bugatti Veyron.