Bullock cart, sledge, horse and so on are few prominent names which are gradually replaced by bicycle, motorcycle and cars. Things are still in the process of innovation. Our daily schedule is being more and more hectic in each passing days. So, the need of vehicle is also growing to reach the destination sooner and faster. But here we need to understand that such requirements need intense care and maintenance. So, if you want to experience hassle free car driving then regularly take your car to service center. • Engine is like the heart of the vehicle till the time it pumps, it is alive and it will work without hiccups. Engine is made up of numerous blocks. During servicing, each block needs individual attention. Air filter is also a very important part of the engine. If it is clogged then it may be the reason behind poor starting of the vehicle, noise issues, less mileage and so on. • Brakes malfunctioning may be extremely risky. So, it must be examined regularly and properly. Check out the time duration whatever it takes to be stopped soon after applying the brakes. Sometime, there may be noise while you are applying brakes. It may be because of inadequate amount of brake fluid. Deteriorated brake pads weaken the quality of brakes as well. • Wearied tires weaken on road grip and balancing of your vehicle so aged or wearied tires must be changed at the earliest. Keep the tire pressure at optimal level as well. Similarly, oily dust also can be detrimental especially for the engine. Apart from all above mentioned crucial points, one should have spare parts all the time in its store. Regularly check them and rub off the rust from the surface if there is any. Everyday, before moving on the drive, one should check out loose volts or door joints. Remember, possibility of loose bolts may be the matter of huge concern. Normally, it would not be possible to abide with required standard maintenance. But, a little investment on such maintenance gives longer life to your vehicle. So, the premier online new and used car dealer like autotropolis.com also suggests routine check up approximately after every three thousand miles.