Trucks are highly practical are secure for the road because they are mainly manufactured to securely carry loads on a long distances and quality is always improving. A truck can be cheap but it all depends on the goods you want to transport, their importance, their quantity and the distance on which the truck has to go. They work on gasoline engines, for those for light medium duty, four stroke turbo intercooler diesel engines or V12 two stroke diesel engines for huge trucks. These are locomotive-type engines. The transmission is preferred to be automatic or semiautomatic, with gears from 5 to 12. This lowers fuel consumption and the truck’s durability is considerably enhanced. Drivers, as well, prefer automatic or semiautomatic transmission because it offers them better capacity to concentrate on the road, giving their long trips.The top largest manufacturers of trucks in Europe, United States and Japan are Daimler Chrysler, Volvo (Sweden), Man (Germany), Nissan (Japan), Scania (Sweden), Iveco (Italy) and Volkswagen (Germany) among others.The cost of insurance for a truck depends on the trucking operations, driving history and the region and it can reach a million dollars. The focus is the cargo being transported and its value – this raises or lowers he risk and loses, thus changing the cost of insurance. Pickup trucks are relatively basic but there can be a wide variety of choices if you look into it. If you don’t know where to start you can lead your way by opting for a certain automaker and continue with your other needs. The inside has to be spacious, the engine has to suit your habitudes; you need to consider immediate or future towing needs and, of course, last but not least, your budge possibilities. You could be willing to pay more for a truck if intend on investing by using it for larger transport for a firm or company.