Usually the body of a vehicle is made of plastic, steel and fiberglass sometimes. These materials possess both positive and negative features and of course they should be cared of. Cheap and strong steel can be damaged by rust when it is not properly protected. Unlike steel plastic is flexible and it can easily change its shapes. When you are going to buy a new vehicle carefully check its body for rust and make sure that your future car has a good rust proof coating. If you want to buy a used car don’t pay much attention to rust proof coating. The matter is in the fact that the body of a used car can already be hurt by rust and here the coverage will not save the car’s body.

Common problems:

1. Rust. It represents the most frequent problem of car’s body. Rust can appear from the inside of the car’s body and you‘ll notice it when it is already too late. However most of new cars are provided with a very qualitative anti-rust proofing. If you have older car you’ll be able to prevent it from rust by following the simple tips. 2. Accidents. This does not matter whether it is just a tender-bender or a serious accident it can spoil the whole day. Find a good reliable shop in the location and make sure that it supplies your car with original high-quality parts. Remember that cheap import parts can cause many problems. 3. Paint. The worst enemies of your car’s paint are sun UV rays. That’s why when it is possible try to park your vehicle in shadowy place and always cover its body with a good layer of wax. Make sure that the wax you use has UV protection.

Preventive maintenance

• You should wash your car’s underside especially in winter months and after winter period. This will help remove the salt usually used for ice melting. However don’t worry much about this if you live in the south or west. • Check whether all the drain holes around the hood and trunk are clear. • Wax your car on regular basis to keep the paint protected from rust and rays. But how to protect the car’s body from the other side? In older vehicles the inside is very often neglected. Rust proofing can help of course, but once the rust has already hurt the car just covering it will not do. Before cover the car’s body with proofing it is necessary to remove the existing rust or chemically convert it.

Discus with your mechanic:

1. Firstly, make sure that the shop where you have your car serviced is a proper one. Judging to my experience, even the best shop from time to time has to redo its work. Remember that good shop will do all necessary jobs to satisfy the client’s needs. So don’t hesitate to ask for removing the defects and bringing the corrections in. 2. The repair shop’s work can be properly checked only at various lighting as many defects become clearly seen only in cloudy days or direct sunshine. Demand from a shop to give you enough time to inspect the work. 3. When you have your car repaired insist on using original manufacturer’s parts instead of cheap import ones. 4. Ask your relatives and friends for recommendations in regard with a good reliable body shop.