It often occurs that for many drivers not only the appearance of the glimpsing car surface is important, or the smell of the perfumed and cleaned interior, but the whole appearance of the main worker under the bonnet. I entirely agree with these drivers. And I think so not only because tidiness is the guarantee of your health. Absence of oil leek, old burnt spots – this is the evidence of inner health of your “pet”. Very often the vehicle returns from the garage with the spots of spilled oil, which is going to be cemented by road dust in the nearest future. And, from another side, on a clean, looked-after engine it is much easier to find the firs signs of future breaking and other problems. The main obstacle for engine wash of the modern car is the huge amount of wires and connectors of engine system managing elements and gearbox (auto). That is why, frequently it is not recommended to wash the engine, especially “do-it-yourself”. Water if got into the connectors will quickly lead to corrosion and loss of workability of control system, and this is in spite of relative tightness and dust-proof of connectors. Wet wires of high tension will lead to the insulation fault. All this makes harder the engine starting. Alarm system will be quickly out of work if water comes there. Keeping in mind all the said above, my advice is: if you have decided to wash the engine, it is necessary to follow the rules below: 1) Make airtight isolation alarm system (the horn). Using of plastic bag will be enough for this task. 2) While washing too dirty engine it is recommended to spray beforehand a special liquid for oil dissolving 3) Avoid getting too much water to the air filter, fuse block, and other open places full of electric elements (computer, generator with open cooling fins). 4) Do not direct a strong stream of water on the gitter in order to avoid crumpling of soft connecting radiator plat. 5) Finishing, air all possible electric connectors with compressed air until the complete air disappears. It is desirable to use a special spray for electric contacts, which prevents corrosion. 6) Let the engine get dry before the start. It is not recommended to use sprays for giving “shining effect” to the engine surface. Many of the sprays offered in the market negatively influence the work of electric elements system. And jet, they also gather dust.