Nowadays car crimes are wide spread in all countries and unfortunately any vehicle is a vulnerable thing for thieves. No one can give you a guarantee that your vehicle will not be stolen in spite of all measures you take, but you should be aware of all available devices in order your vehicle be as secure as possible. The choice of devices depends on the type of protection you want for your vehicle and on your budget, of course. Modern vehicles are usually equipped with factory-fitted security systems; however they are not reliable and are easy to be disabled. Despite of this fact you should keep in mind that any security system is better than none. Any safe prevention equipment can be used to save your vehicle from stealing. So let’s investigate the options available at the market.

Alarm Systems

It is obvious that alarm system must be decent. If the alarm has external bonnet release you should install locks on your vehicle to prevent the alarm from thieves. Whichever type of alarm you choose make sure that it produces a lot of loud noise.  Noise influences on thieves quickly and effectively. That’s why there is a wide range of alarm system sensors: impact, motion, door-open.

Remote Keyless Entry System

A remote keyless entry system is another good investment into your car’s safety. This is a special system which locks and unlocks access to cars remotely. It saves much time for a driver as allows to lock or unlock the car from a distance without putting a key into the lock. This is achieved by sending pulses on a particular frequency. The receiver in the car interprets these pulses and performs necessary functions. Encryption is used in new versions of this system. This allows to prevent car thieves from deceiving the signal. As time goes on these systems are getting more and more commonplace and perfect.

Steering Wheel Locks

These devices are very effective in fight with joy riders and amateur thieves. With their help your stirring wheel is firmly fitted which makes car theft practically impossible.


This device is also known as kill-switch and it is always a good idea. It cuts the fuel or the ignition and thus stops your vehicle from being started. The only point is that this device should be hidden. If the thief finds it he can easily disable the immobiliser. Of course the immobilizer can not prevent a thief from braking into the vehicle but it is very useful for car stealing prevention.

VIN Etching

VIN is vehicle identification number which according to this idea is etched into many parts of your car. This will make stealing your car with purpose of selling its parts impossible. So even if your vehicle is stole the presence VIN of various important parts of the car will make its identification easy.


Stolen car can be easily found if it is equipped with a tracker device. The police will quickly find it by following the tracker signal back to the source.