Cars can have different problems connected with cooling system. Let’s have a look at them. 1. Broken hose. Hoses can wear out which results in leakage. This leads to engine’s overheating as when the coolant leaves the system it cannot cool the engine any more. 2. Broken fan belt. As we have already mentioned through the fan belt the engine drives the water pump. Broken belt stops the pump and coolant cannot circulate around the system. 3. Defective radiator cap. A certain pressure in the cooling system is maintained with the help of radiator cap. Most of them hold 8 – 12 PSI. The pressure is necessary to raise the boiling point of the coolant and maintain a stable system. When the pressure is insufficient the car can overheat especially during hot weather. 4. Water pump breakdown.  Check the place under your car after a long park for small spots of coolant. If you find them this means that something’s wrong with the water pump. Other symptoms of water pump failure are: a screeching noise, coolant leaking from the front part of the pump and strong smell of coolant during driving. 5. Head gasket. If a lot of white smoke is thrown out of the tail pipe this may imply a problem with the head gasket. It serves to seal the coolant passages as well as cylinder head to the engine. If your engine has been overheated this may cause gasket failure.  Defective gasket allows coolant into the cylinder where it turns into vapor getting onto a hot engine.

Preventive maintenance

1. You should check all hoses and belts on a regular basis. 2. Check the ground under the car for coolant leaks. If there are any this means that something is wrong with the cooling system. 3. Carefully read all the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the coolant change and follow them. You should change your coolant every two-three years. 4. Check the rubber seal of the radiator cap regularly. Replace the gaskets if they are defective. 5. Clean the coolant system every five years in order to remove the corrosion out of it. Also discuss with the mechanic: • If overheating problems happen to the engine let your mechanic know about them. • When your mechanic is replacing your water pump ask him whether it is also necessary to change the timing belt. REMEMBER: you should never open the car’s radiator when the engine is hot!!! The hot coolant can be caused to splash out by the pressure and burn you.