For many ears most of car owners have been spending their Sunday afternoon cleaning and polishing their vehicles to make them gleaming and beautiful. However, much time passed since those days. Unfortunately today as many years ago a driver comes to a conclusion that his car badly needs cleaning only when he can hardly see the road ahead through the windowscreen. That?s why it is very important to pay more attention to your car, to give it more loving care, especially in winter months. You should understand that we speak not only of car?s appearance. Safety is also matters. You should admit that dirty windowscreen combined with early morning, late evening or poor weather conditions can lead to serious road accidents.

Looking for Chips

We have already written in the previous articles that it is very important to have all necessary tools in your car, especially in autumn and winter month when the weather turns to the worst. This will help you avoid road accidents and other unpleasant situations. For this purpose you should also make sure that there are no chips on your windscreen. These chips often turn to small holes in the glass. It is dangerous as winter gets through these holes. Be very attentive when the temperature is below zero, as when water freezes it will make the chips bigger in size and therefore can crack the windowscreen and cause expensive repair. If you take measures fast you will not need to replace the windscreen because of chips. Having detected a chip, cover it immediately with sticky tape. This will prevent dirtiness from getting into the chip. These chips can be repaired by injecting into them a hard plastic resin. Then the resin is polished to flash with the surface. After this simple repair your windowscreen is as good as new. In the event you have lost appropriate moment to repair the chips and you need to replace the windowscreen don?t panic. The cost of replacement will be covered by your insurance so this should not affect your budget.

Deice Your Vehicle

What should be usually used to remove the ice off the windowscreen? A good ice-scraper?  Not always/ many American drivers have a set of tools specially designed for this purpose. This includes CDs, credit cards, fish slices, pen knives and spatulas. Sometimes when you don?t have anything more suitable this may seem a brilliant idea, of course. However later when your screen is covered with scratches and bright autumn sun dazzles your eyes, you?ll realize that you?ve done wrong. So why put everybody at risk instead of investing a few dollars into a proper ice-scraper? In any case you should be aware that causing a death because of driving with restricted vision leads to a ten years prison sentence. The following tips will help you make sure that your windowscreen is ready for winter? 1.    Repair immediately any chips on your windowscreen even if they seem insignificant. Wnen the weather is colt these chips will turn into cracks which can destroy the screen completely. 2.    Make sure that the ice-scraper is properly designed. Never use other items to remove the ice off the windscreen. Not to damage the windowscreen while cleaning it we advise to use deicer together with a good ice-scraper. 3.    Never try to remove the ice from the screen by means of boiling water. High temperature of boiling water and low temperature of frozen glass when meet can cause crack of the windowscreen. 4.    Keep in mind that in order to de-ice your vehicle properly you need 5-10 minutes so get up a bit earlier in the morning. 5.    Regularly use the screen-wash and anti-freeze to remove the ice and snow from the windowscreen and never use washing up liquid instead of them. Always keep in mind that mirrors and windowscreen of a vehicle must be clean. Unfortunately many motorists neglect the law and drive restricted vision thus making a great danger to themselves, other drivers and pedestrians.