What vehicle cover suits best for your vehicle? I would not surprise anybody if say that the vehicle covers are different and are not absolutely equal. The type of the cover depends on the job it is designed to do. A serious approach to the problem of the cover choosing demands from a buyer much responsibility, if you are interested in protecting your iron friend. There are a lot of factors you will have to take into account but the most important one is the place you are parking the vehicle. First you should decide what you need: either a simple dust cover or a real super cover aimed to stand up to terrible weather. Everything is available in the market: these two types, the types alike and something middle between them. But there are some criteria following which it becomes clearer how to select the cover suitable for your vehicle needs. The selected material should be breathable. The purpose is: to protect your vehicle from weather factors, that is from heat, sun, snow, rain, acid rain, dings, scrapes, dust, rot, mildew, etc. While selecting the cover, you will see a lot of brands-manufacturers, but the material they offer and performance are almost equal. Do not hesitate to make a little research to make sure that you have chosen the right material. The cover features can be discussed with the retailer; he/she will tell you all the advantages of the cover before investing it. I believe that at least once in your life you have seen the vehicle cover torn and blowing in the wind. What to do to avoid the same mistake? First choose properly the manufacturer as they can produce different physical construction. From the selected manufacturer depends the quality of the cover, whether it can provide double-stitched overlapping or not. Then get interested into Neoprene elastic. It should be sewn to the rear and front hems in order to keep the cover in place. The sign of good quality are also reinforced non-scratch grommets. They should be with protective flap with a vinyl-coated cable, and with lock for security. There are some purposes of the covers produced by manufacturers. Some covers are aimed to protect from general and common things that can damage or make dirty your car. The other are aimed to protect the vehicle from something specific. The main try to get to know whether the cover is well-breathable is to check if there is some moisture under it. The wet conditions can easily cause rot and mildew, the result will be unpleasant ? the complete ruin of the paint. So, if you keep your vehicle in a dry garage, a lightweight dust cover will be enough. But parking the car outside demands all-weather cover. Cover storage and maintenance are also to be in the focus of attention. Do you wash the cover by your own? Or do you take it to the professional cleaning? If not, where are you storing it? The last advice is: do not be afraid to pay much for a good cover, the result will be obvious: saved paint and the car-body protection.