A great deal of vehicles is stolen in the USA annually. Half of them never return to their owners again. How can you protect your car from being stolen? Here are some tips to help keep your car safe when it is parked. Watch Your Keys. It seems vivid, of course. However many thefts and break-ins happen because the owners have left the keys in the cars. Never keep spare keys in the vehicle. A thief can find them easily. Lock Your Vehicle. Many owners leave their cars unlocked then return and find out that the vehicle is stolen. Never Park in the Dark. 0percent of cars are stolen at night. Never park at deserted area. Try to find places with many potential witnesses. Having returned to your vehicle check whether your tires are the same with which you have arrived. Never Leave the Car with Running Engine. The most popular places for the thieves to steal a car are petrol stations, stores, cash machines. There the owner usually leaves his car for a short time period without switching the engine off. That an excellent opportunity for a thief1 so never leave the running engine even leaving your vehicle for a few seconds ? as that’s just the time a thief needs to steal the car. Close the Car Windows. There is nothing simpler for a thief to break in the car with open windows. Hide Belongings. Don’t leave valuable things displayed in the car. Lock them in the boot or in the glove box. Leave the Car in Your Garage. Most cars are stolen outside. That’s why if you own a garage don’t neglect to park your car in it. To make sure your things are secure, carefully lock the car and the garage’s doors. If Absent, Disable Your Car. If you are not going to use your vehicle for a long time, disable some parts of the engine and the thief won’t be able to steal it. Change the Lock. T-shaped locks are very easy to be broken. So convert to straight locks ? this will protect your car from breaking-in. Put Your VIN on the Windows. If your Vehicle Identification Number is marked on the car windows the police will easily find it in the event of theft. Put Your ID on Car’s Accessories. If your car stereo or some other parts are marked with your personal ID, it will be very difficult for a thief to get rid of your belongings in the event of theft. Additional Protection *    The hood should be locked as this will make your security system and battery unavailable for thieves. *    Put the lock on the steering wheel and you may be sire that someone who has no key won’t be able to turn it. *    To disable the gas or break buttons put the floorboard locks. *    Your car will not move if the wheels are locked. Of course, all these measures require high costs, but at the same time they will serve your time, money and nerves. These are very sound expenses.